Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2 Hot Guys CLYDE and SOLOMON Fuck Bareback at ChaosMen

Looks like CHAOSMEN.COM steps up its game this week with the release of its first “breeding/seeding/cream pie” shot. It has to compete with Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher in this current bareback war.
This video features two very hot and muscular models, the top is Clyde (aka Vinny Dias, you might remember him from his oral scene with Chip Tanner on Randy Blue) and the bottom is hottie Solomon.
Clyde fucks the cum out of Solomon and then cums in Solomon’s hole. And they have the “proof”.

Meanwhile Clyde is telling me that he can cum too if he can just fuck Solomon a few seconds longer. Solomon was about to say, “No!” but Clyde was “There.”
I’m get back down on the ground to catch it, but the dude, totally unloads inside of Solomon. Just like I thought he would. Something the audience has been asking for over and over. I usually avoid this, cuz some cry “Fake” but mostly, you just never know what is going to spill out besides cum…ruining a good breeding shot. Thankfully, only a slightly discolored cum oozes out.

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