Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marcus Mojo and Cody Cummings' fan have something to say

Today gay porn star Marcus Mojo gave a shout out to those who leave hateful comments on many blogs (obviously include this one) in this blog entry “Dirty blogger” on his website
And Xavier Mathews, one of the bloggers at TrophyBlog and avid Cody Cummings fan, also gave a shout out in his article Cody Cummings.

So this blog post is dedicated to all you nasty bloggers. First question, what do you do with your life? I mean obviously you have time in between your mother making you meals and Xbox to down grade individuals that you have never met nor will ever have the honor to meet (not to sound cocky). So I mean really, What is your motive? You use a fake name, you bitch about how we are “gay for pay”, whores, unattractive, taking advantage of the gay community(thats my favorite one), over-exposed, and list keeps on going. Your motive has ignorance written all over it. Second question? WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING US? That i’m sure is a stupid question because i’m sure all of you are in denial that you watch us, you have time to go to a blog and write hateful comments…i’m sure you have time to watch us deep throat and take cocks up our “gapping holes”.
Now it’s not that I take comments personal anymore, when I was younger and more light on the details of blogs and bloggers I did. I then learned it is the same 15 people writing hateful comments. Soooooo to alllll you Dirty Bloggers out there, have fun with your cum covered keyboard and Cheetos. Tell your mom thank you for paying for our porn.
Disclosure: Now i’m never one to be mean or hateful, i’m a loving person. But Dirty Bloggers piss me off sometimes. Had to give a shout out to them. lol 
Much Love to all my fans and i’m sorry if my blog was out of character, had to get it off my chest.

We all are avid members of Cody’s site. We will continue to support this grown and sexy hard working man. Now here is the hardcore truth. . . .
You can hate on any NDS model BUT while your doing that, don’t forget they still have fans, (Which You Don’t Have) they still make more money (Which you’ll never see) anddddd they are still hotter than any boyfriend (Which you could only dream and masturbate about). So clearly all your spamming is doing nothing but wasting your time.
Keep Up the AMAZING work.

12 Gay porn stars' revolutions for 2012 Marcus Mojo

Marcus Mojo just moved to a new apartment with his girlfriend and fellow gay porn star Johny Torque. And since Marcus and Johnny are roommates (and gym buddies) now. I hope he will teach Johnny a couple of tips about bottoming so we can see Johnny Torque get fucked in his upcoming scenes.
Below is Marcus Mojo’s response to my 12 Gay porn stars' revolution for 2012 series. He wrote this blog post about his New Year Revolution at Too bad it’s not quit smoking  But if he archives his goal, we will see more ripped and more muscular Marcus Mojo (if that’s possible).

So i’m not too big on New Years resolutions because honestly…whoever follows through with them? lol. I don’t like setting myself up for disappointment. But this year is different for me, I first thought quit smoking? Noooo, i’m not ready yet lol. Then I thought, not drink? Well I don’t do much of that anyways so It would be a waste. Soo I decided to improve on certain parts of my body, increase my endurance by running, and also put on 5-10 pounds of muscle within 3-4 months while keeping my body fat % with 4-5. Sounds pretty difficult from the looks of it but i’m confident I can achieve this goal.
The body parts I want to improve on are my traps, glutes and shoulders. I just recently got a trainer for some extra motivation and man oh man…hes busting my ass..literally. As for gaining 5-10 pounds, alot of healthy eating and NO skipping meals.

My hopes are high but I love the thought of improving my body and getting in better shape. If I dont achieve my goals…at least I tried lol. Wish me luck guyssss.
So I said I’d be posting a video blog this time around but I chose to write lol. Next blog post I promise, you will see my baby blues in a video.


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